fino al 29 augosto
Villa Vertua Masolo – Via Garibaldi 1, Nova Milanese

The exhibition, curated by Dermis Leon in the frame of the 59th edition of Premio Bice Bugatti – Giovanni Segantini, was born to create a collaboration between Bice Bugatti Club and Curatorial Bureau and Verein Berliner Künstler, realities based in Berlin.

For the first time in Italy the exhibition show up a group of artists selected in the German context who shaped the Berliner scenario before and after the Berlin wall. Also young international artists from the new generation take part in the exhibition. With their views, their poetics and their aesthetics the artists introduce new trends in an ever-changing city as Berlin.

ARTISTS: Sandra Becker – Ciro Beltrán – David Dibiah – Youn-Sook Koeppel – Simone Kornfeld – Sebastian Kusenberg – Ina Lindemann – Sabine Schneider – Andrea Sunder – Plasmann.

The aim of #BerlinerLuft is to contestualize local artists, Italians and Germans, in an international context, creating a new public. This point is one of the main one in Bice Bugatti Club’s view and mission, a reality that wants to create cultural exchanges with different countries.

At the opening will be present the President of Bice Bugatti Club Luigi Rossi, the curator based in Berlin Dermis Leon, the Public Representatives of the city and the artists Sabine Schneider and Ciro Beltran.


The project between Nova Milanese and Berlin was born in july 2017 with the exhibition “Komorebi. Italian Abstraction” shown at the Berliner Austellungsdauer, managed by Bice Bugatti Club in collaboration between Curatorial Bureau and VBK.
Curatorial Bureau is interested in curatorial and international and cultural exchanges practices in Europe, South and North America and Middle East. VBK is an independent association founded in 1841.
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